Travelers Club Sky+ Luggage Set Review: Great for All Travel!

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When it comes to packing, I’m notorious for two things: overpacking and breaking suitcases. Yes, breaking suitcases. Usually because I overpacked and then tried to force the suitcase to close! But I think I’ve finally found my favorite suitcase ever! Here are all the details:

I’ve had the Travelers Club Sky+ Luggage Set for over a year and it’s still in great condition! It’s come with me on family road trips, a mission trip, and even a few airplane rides.

I love that the suitcase is small enough to take as a carry on if you’re flying, but it’s super spacious on the inside!

The suitcase itself is 13 x 11 x 20 inches, and the luggage set comes with two additional bags: a 15″ boarding tote, and 10″ toiletry case. These extra bags can fit inside the suitcase or be carried by themselves!

Travelers Club Sky+ 3-piece Luggage Set

A blue background with a gray and white border featuring the header. Underneath the header is a photo of the luggage set, which includes three pink bags: a suitcase, boarding tote, and toiletry case.

The interior is open on one side, with a stretchy strap that can hold everything in. The other side can close off with a zipper, which is one of my favorite features on this suitcase! I love that I can organize clothes on one side, and toiletries, travel essentials, etc. on the other side.

I have the 3-piece luggage set, which comes with the suitcase and two smaller bags that I mentioned above. There are also options for a 4-piece or 5-piece set, which gives you the addition of a larger suitcase or two as well. They also come in a variety of colors. Mine is rose gold, but you can choose from black, navy blue, red, and more!

As always, thanks for reading! I hope this post helped you decide on the best luggage set for you!

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