3 Essentials in Your Travel Backpack?

Everyone remembers to bring along the travel backpack. However, not everyone puts the right things in the backpack. Most people remember the phone and the laptop, but here are 3 additional items I always try to have in my travel backpack.

3 Essentials in Your Travel Backpack

  • Headphones or Earbuds – When traveling for work or pleasure, listening to music or a podcast can help make the trip more comfortable.
  • Notebook – Especially when traveling for work, it is essential to be able to take notes or jot down some information for reference later. I once forgot my notebook, and I keep one in my backpack at all times.
  • Power Charger – In today’s world, there are always devices which need to be charged. Smartphones, headphones, tablets, and laptops are just a few powered devices. Always bring along a charger and use it when you are near an outlet.

Below are the specific items I bring on my travel adventures.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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