Top Items for Remote Workers for 2022

top remote work items

These are my top 22 products from 2022. Besides being new to me in 2022, to make this list, the items must be either or both of these things:

  • A product that’s so good that it’s used daily or almost daily,
  • AND/OR
  • A product that I was super impressed with.

Here are my top items for remote workers, in no particular order! Plus, 5 Bonus products that I loved this year!

1. Rocketbook Everyday Planner

The RocketBook Everyday Planner in the Celestial Sand color. I’ve really enjoyed RocketBooks for a long time now and I just love the new Everyday Planner. It has weekly and monthly pages, so I can plan things in advance and keep my schedule organized. I love that it connects with my phone as well! Plus, it includes lined pages and the dot grid for writing down notes. It’s on my desk and I use it almost every day.

I like RocketBooks so much, that I even wrote another blog post about them here: Rocketbooks are Awesome!

2. Yeti Water Bottle

The Yeti Water Bottle is another item that I use a lot! I wanted the new alpine yellow color because it just came out in 2022, and it made me think of summer, sunshine and lemonade. I usually put water in it, but sometimes I mix it up with lemonade or something.

I used it during the summer months pretty much every day, and it still gets used often as my water bottle during the colder months, when I’m not drinking hot cocoa.

3. Anker Soundcore Q45 Headphones

Next up, the Anker Soundcore Q45 Headphones. This is one of the items that I don’t use every day, but it’s my top choice whenever I need a headset. I use it as my speakers for live stream interviews, when I go on walks and listen to music, and even take phone calls. It’s very comfortable, the noise canceling is outstanding, and the sound and bass quality is top notch, which is why this headset makes the list.

4. FlexiSpot EC1 Adjustable Desk

The Flexispot EC1 Desk is a height adjustable, sit-stand desk. I really like the Flexispot desks, and this one is 48 inches wide by 30 inches deep, which is a great size for remote work. It’s all white from the legs to the surface top, so it matches almost any space.

It’s just all around a very, very nice height, adjustable desk. The surface top is one solid piece, which is super nice. The only downfall in this one is it does not have memory settings. So, in order to move the desk up and down, you have to keep pressing the button until it gets to your desired height but all around, I highly recommend this desk.

If you’re wondering whether or not you need a desk, check out The Top 3 Reasons a Desk Should be Your First Remote Work Purchase. And if you’re not sure which desk to choose, you can read the Adjustable Desk Buyer’s Guide: 6 Important Features to Consider!

5. Geneverse HomePower One Pro Series

The Geneverse HomePower One Pro Series surprised me this year! At the beginning of the 2022, I wouldn’t have identified this as something I really wanted, but now use it all the time. Geneverse has been a big sponsor of my live shows, so they’ve provided these products for me, and now it’s become something that I use every day.

I really love the solar panels that it comes with, because they use clean renewable solar energy, which is great for you and the environment. Also, because the HomePower One Pro Series has an app associated with it, I can schedule the charging times for all the devices that are plugged in.

As an example, I use the HomePower One Pro to charge my phone overnight, and I set the power to just turn on and off for those ports for about an hour or two during the night. I also use it to charge my laptops, headsets, and lots of other devices, so it gets used about every day at my house.

6. Anker C302 Webcam

Next up, the Anker C302 Webcam. I’m a big fan of the Anker web cameras, and the c302 is no exception. It’s a slight upgrade from the C300 Webcam and has the capacity to capture up to 2k video.

The AI that follows you as you move back and forth across the room is also a little bit better in the C302 than in the C300. It’s the webcam that I use for all my live shows!

7. Anker USB-C Cable

This Anker USB-C to USB-C Cable is one foot long, and while it’s not a super expensive purchase, I’ve found them to be fantastic! Especially when I use the Geneverse and other power strips, I often charge my phone very close to the outlet. These one-foot cables work perfectly for that, and I liked them so much that I ordered a few so far this year. These save you from the hassle of long cords, and they work great for charging anything with a USB-C port!

8. Echo Show 15

The Echo Show 15 is another one of the surprising items on this list. I put off purchasing one of these for about a year and now that I finally ordered one, I absolutely love it!

It’s integrated into my live shows and gets used daily in my office to keep track of my schedule or to-do list. Plus, I can use it to control all the smart products I have in my home.

Amazon also just released Fire TV on the Amazon Echo Show 15, so, now the 15.6 inch screen can be used to watch TV as well. This is a great addition to any office, and I know people who use them in their kitchen or living area too!

9. Delamu Under Desk Organizer

The Delamu Under Desk Tray is a super simple item that can make a huge difference in keeping your remote workspace organized. It’s a nice little sliding drawer that attaches underneath your desk, and holds 8 1/2 by 11-inch sheets of paper. I use it to keep track of papers and notebooks that I want right near my desk, but don’t always want on the surface of my desk.

You can either screw the tray organizer into the bottom of your desk or use the included adhesive strips that allow you to attach it to the bottom of your desk.

10. Braun Series 9 Pro Electric Shaver

The Braun Series 9 Pro Electric Shaver. I really like the Braun shavers, so I ordered the Series 9 Pro this year! It’s on the expensive end for a shaver, but I will say the Braun Series 9 Pro is really in a class of its own.

I test a lot of different shavers, and I do like a lot of the ones that I use, but the Braun Series 9 Pro is just a notch above all the rest. It also does a really good job when your hair is a little bit longer after going 6-7 days between shaving. All around, it’s a fantastic shaver!

11. Kasa Smart Outlet Power Strip

The next one is the Kasa Smart Outlet Power Strip. It’s equipped with six smart outlets, which means that you can turn the outlets on and off from an app on your phone or with Amazon Alexa.

I use this one all the time! It powers my Mini PC, my monitors, and even some of the lights in my office. I have it set up on a schedule, so that every night when I’m sleeping, it turns off power to the monitors and the mini pcs. This is a great feature because it saves energy, while still keeping my devices charged. It’s also set to turn the power back on early in the morning before I come back into my office.

You can get it in the six-outlet version, or the three-outlet version. They do come with USB ports as well, but the USB ports aren’t smart, they’re just always on.

12. GreenWorks 17-inch Lawn Mower

I used my Greenworks 17-inch 48 Volt Lawn Mower a lot this summer! This lawn mower is a little bit smaller than I typically would have got for a yard my size, but I really, really liked it. And if you have a smaller yard, it’s definitely a great choice for a lawn mower. I can get about 45 minutes to an hour of mowing time.

It is a battery-powered push mower instead of self-propelled, but because it’s only 17 inches, it’s not a very heavy. I really liked it, and I used it a lot during my live mowing shows this summer.

For all the details on lawn mowers, check out our post about Electric Lawn Mower Buyer’s Guide: The Top 7 Things to Consider.

13. Double Outdoor Hammock

The Double Outdoor Hammock is such a fun addition to any yard! It’s large enough to fit two people, with a maximum weight limit of 475 pounds. The pad is reversable and removeable, and it comes in lots of colors. This hammock is durable, sturdy, and comfortable. My family used it a lot this summer!

14. Yadea KS5 Electric Scooter

The Yadea KS5 Electric Scooter was another product that got a lot of use this summer! I purchased one, and it was so good that we decided to purchase two!

Now that it’s winter, it doesn’t get used every day, but during the summer months, we rode it a ton.

Here’s the number one reason why this one made the list: if you can buy a product that encourages your teenagers to hang out with you, it’s worth the price. Because I bought two of these, my teenage boys would often ask me to go for a cruise around town on the scooter. So, there you go, scooters for the win.

15. Swiss Miss Rich Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Another product that definitely had to make the list is Swiss Miss Rich Chocolate Hot Cocoa. I’ve been a big fan of the Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa for a while, but this year, I was introduced to the rich chocolate version. I love hot cocoa, and I drink at least a cup every day, all winter long. I even did a livestream hot cocoa taste test last year! I think the new rich chocolate flavor just has a little bit deeper chocolatey taste than the milk chocolate flavor, and I really like it.

16. HP 7255E Printer

The HP 7255E Printer has become the favorite printer at our house this year. It works great whenever we need to print or scan something, it stays connected to the internet, and it prints without a whole lot of challenges or problems.

I like it because it has very few problems and it works when we need it to. So, if you’re looking for an everyday printer for your home or your home office, the HP 7255E is a great choice.

This printer is also featured in the Printer Buyers Guide: 6 Expert Recommended Features to Consider, along with lots of other great options if you’re looking for a new printer!

17. Ring Spotlight Cam Pro

For outdoor security, the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro is a fantastic choice. I recently got some security systems to try for the outside of my house, and I decided to go with the Ring Spotlight Cam pro because it gives you a pretty good image and has good distance on its motion detection.

I have my security camera positioned to cover up my driveway almost to the sidewalk, and once people leave the sidewalk and start walking into my driveway, it triggers the lights to turn on and the camera to start recording. That’s a win for me! Plus, it occasionally triggers the camera to start working when something even a small as a rabbit hops across the driveway.

I really like knowing that I have a camera in front of my house that provides an extra level of home security with a motion detecting light and camera that records video. I do have the ring subscription service to go along with it, so that I can save the videos to my device or out into the cloud as well.

18. Chip Clips

I know Chip Clips are not necessarily a remote work product, but as someone who spends a lot of time at home, I use these a lot! They’re great for keeping bags of chips or marshmallows or any food securely sealed.

I honestly don’t know why we didn’t buy these sooner! For years, we’ve just never had enough at our house, and we decided to order one of these packets of chip clips this year. They’re very inexpensive, and it comes with 16 in a pack. They work really well and are just great to have around. If you don’t have enough chip clips at your house, just go order some of these very high quality and inexpensive ones!

19. Movo Mini Wireless Microphone

This Movo Mini Wireless Microphone made my list as soon as it arrived! The sound quality is great, and it instantly became a product that I use every day. I use it to host my live shows, and just to record audio wirelessly in my office.

It works with an Android phone, and you can get a separate one that works with an iPhone as well. Mine can also connects with my Mini PC. Plus, it comes with a nice little case carrying travel case to bring it with you!

20. Linsy Home Ergonomic Office Chair

Next up, the Linsy Home Ergonomic Office Chair. As a remote worker, having a good chair is super important! I test a lot of desk chairs, and this is one that I’ve really liked this year.

It’s highly adjustable and really high quality, so if it’s within your budget, this is a fantastic choice. The chair has mesh all around, and the back is three parts, with adjustable lower back lumbar support. It has a super comfortable mesh seat and adjustable headrest support.

The armrests on it are adjustable up, down, forward and backward. It’s high enough for someone six feet tall, like me, or even a little bit taller than that. It even comes with the rollerblade wheels to move around your office!

21. Hopopro Shower Head

Next up the Hopopro Shower Head. This is another item that’s not specifically a remote work product. But people that work at home still need to shower. This is also a product that I liked so much that I bought two!

It’s fairly inexpensive and now we have it installed in two of the bathrooms in our house. The trick is to take out the water restrictor that comes in it to get the best water pressure. It has five different settings on it for different streams of water or massaging. All around, it’s a great shower head!

22. EcoBee Smart Thermostat

The Ecobee Smart Thermostat is another great product that I purchased this year! I got a new dual stage furnace at the beginning of the year, and I wanted a thermostat that I could connect to an app on my phone and control via voice commands. The Ecobee has the Amazon Alexa functionality built right into it, and it allows me to schedule my temperature, just like a regular programmable thermostat.

Plus, it allows me to use voice commands and talk to it to adjust the temperatures in my house. One of my favorite features is the ability to schedule vacation time. When I’m getting ready for a vacation, I can schedule it ahead of time to adjust the temperature after I leave, and then have it automatically readjust back to the normal settings on my way home. The ability to schedule that ahead of time is really an awesome feature!

Later on in 2022, Ecobee did come out with the Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium, which includes an air quality monitor. So, if you’re looking at a smart thermostat, the newer version may be a good one to check out too.

Bonus Items!

Those are the top 22 products for 2022, but there are a few bonus items that I wanted to add to the list. These products fit all the criteria for this list, but didn’t quite make the top 22, so here are 5 BONUS top items for remote workers in 2022!

Bonus Item: Panasonic ARC5 Razor

The Panasonic ARC5 Razor surprised me this year! I didn’t know much about Panasonic razors, but I was really happy with this one. It’s great quality, especially for the price point, and it sits right behind the Braun Series 9 Pro as my second choice in razors, so it made the list.

Bonus Item: Peace Lily

Another surprising thing I ordered is a Peace Lily, a live plant from Amazon. It got shipped to me in a box, and I opened it up, transplanted it into some dirt in a pot and it’s still growing in my office.

This one made the list one because it was kind of a big deal in the spring when I ordered it. And also, just because I’m still shocked by the fact that someone sent me a plant in a box, and it survived!

Bonus Item: Google Pixel 6 Phone

The Google Pixel 6 Phone is a great choice if you’re looking for a nice phone that’s fairly inexpensive. I ordered one of these this year and I really have enjoyed it! There is a newer Pixel 7 phone available, but I’m happy with the Google Pixel 6, and I think the price point on it is very competitive right now as well.

Bonus Item: Logitech MX Keys Mini Keyboard

The Logitech MX Keys Mini Keyboard is perfect for anyone who is looking for a high-quality keyboard that doesn’t take up too much space on your desk.

My favorite feature is the size! It’s a compact keyboard, which means that they removed the number keypad and the extra buttons across the top of the keyboard, leaving only the buttons you need to use. It saves space on your desk and works really well.

Bonus Item: Slice Box Cutter

The last bonus item, the Slice Box Cutter, has become very useful at my house. If you open a lot of packages, think of all the packaging tape that you have to cut through. The problem with a knife and scissors is that they can easily cause accidental cuts or injuries, because they’re not designed specifically for packaging tape. That’s where the slice box cutters come in! They have blades that are designed to cut through tape and packaging but not through your skin.

I’m a huge fan of these for keeping my hands safe when opening packages. I have a couple of them in various places throughout my house so that I can use them whenever I have new packages to open. If you’re ordering anything from this list, this slice box cutter is a great choice for opening your packages!

There are the top items for remote workers in 2022! Thanks for reading!

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