Why Collaborate with Live Shopping Community?

  • Amazon Live is a great way to get your products in front of shoppers on Amazon
  • Get Your Product(s) in front of 1000s of shoppers on Amazon. Not just any shoppers, but shoppers who are looking for products just like yours.
  • Have a brand advocate on Amazon, someone to talk about and recommend your products.
  • Live Shopping results in less returns.

Types of Collaboration

Basic Collaboration
  • Item Featured in a Live Show
  • No Contract
  • No Commitment
Elite Sponsorship
  • Item Featured in Multiple Live Shows
  • Shoppable Video Created
  • Logo on Show Thumbnails
  • Control Talking Points
  • Contract Commitment
  • Guaranteed Deliverables

Additional Collaboration Options

These are additional options for Elite Sponsorship Partners

  • Be a guest on the Live Show, the audience enjoys these
  • Have Ryan wear a shirt with your company brand
  • Create a Dedicated Live Show focused on your product(s). These can be very creative.
  • Sponsor a post on the Live Shopping Community blog
  • Let Live Shopping Community help create content for your social media or blog
  • Visit your site and host the show from your office or coworking space

Contact Us for pricing and details. We would love to help promote your product.

Live Shopping Community Numbers

  • The live morning show, Ryan’s Remote Work Hangout, reaches around 4,000 to 10,000 shoppers on Amazon every weekday morning.
  • The live shows generate over $100,000 in sales every month.
  • Live Shopping Community also influences an additional $300,000 in sales every month

Recent Brand Partnerships

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Ryan spent 2 decades being a software engineer and data scientist, nearly half of it working remotely. He holds a PhD in Computational Science & Statistics.

Ryan is married with 5 children. Occasionally other members of the family may be involved in partnerships.

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