The Cutest Artificial Succulents Ever!

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I really wanted to be able to grow succulents, but somehow they always ended up wilting, falling over, or dying. They’re supposed to be easy to care for, but somehow I just couldn’t give them the right amount of water or dryness or sunlight or shade…or they would get knocked over…gotta love little siblings. ;) So anyway, the other day I looked over and somehow all five of my succulents just didn’t look healthy. I decided it was time for a intervention in the form of…Artificial Succulents!

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artificial succulents

No more watering, no more sunlight to shade ratio, and no more dying plants. These brighten up my room, and I love that they look like real, healthy succulents! They feel durable, but don’t look like the cheap plastic plants. There are a variety of different “types” of succulents, and they’re perfect for arranging to make a cute little succulent garden!

I highly recommend these pots I used! They’re super cute and durable. They’ve survived several tumbles, even if the plants didn’t!

These are the markers I used to decorate them. They make the succulent pots even cuter! I made these at my birthday party with a few friends, and it was a super fun and easy craft for all ages! One of my favorite parts is that if we messed up or the markers smudged, we just used a little rubbing alcohol to erase, and it worked perfectly. I’m not sure how it would work on other surfaces, but let me know if you try it!

I hope these cute artificial succulents brighten your space and bring you some joy today!

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