4 Reasons to Love the Simple Modern Tumbler

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I’ve had my Simple Modern Tumbler for a few months now, and it’s my new favorite water bottle! It’s insulated to keep drinks hot or cold for hours. This water bottle is also super versatile, and it even comes with two lids! It’s incredibly durable, and Simple Modern Tumblers are friendly to the environment, others, and you!

Another thing I love about this water bottle is that it comes in tons of different sizes and colors! I have the 24oz in winter white, but there are options for 12oz-32oz with tons of cute colors and patterns like Good Day Blue, Black Leopard, Carrara Marble, and Finley Floral!

Reason #1: It’s Insulated

The Simple Modern Tumbler is designed to keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 8 hours. Its double wall insulated and made from stainless steel with a durable finish. Even the lids are insulated! This makes it perfect for travel, work, and even just at home.

I also love that there’s no condensation on the outside. I’ve left cold water in it all day, and it’s still cold, but the water bottle doesn’t leave any condensation on the table!

Reason #2: So Versatile

One of my favorite features about the Simple Modern Tumbler is that it comes with two lids! The first lid has a straw, and the second flips open.

This is super helpful for me because I tend to drink more water from a straw, rather than having to open a lid. I use the straw lid for when I have my water bottle at my desk, and it’s super easy to drink out of.

When I’m taking my water bottle somewhere else, it’s super easy to screw on the flip lid! It’s leak proof (I’ve tested it upside down in my bag!) and the flip lid is very secure. I’ve never had a problem getting it to open, but it might be a little tricky for younger kids.

I love that both the lids screw on easily and stay on. They’re both insulated as well, which is super cool! All of Simple Modern’s classic water bottles fit in cup holders too, so they’re perfect for on the go!

Reason #3: Super Durable

I’ve taken this water bottle everywhere! Road trips, coffee shops, hikes, and more. It hasn’t dented at all (yay!) and only has a few small scratches after months of use (and being dropped a few times, haha).

These water bottles are designed to last, and Simple Modern even offers a lifetime warranty on all their products. I’ve been super impressed with the quality, especially since it’s much more affordable than most other insulated water bottles.

Reason #4: It’s Friendly

I’ve never called a water bottle friendly before, but this one definitely is! The Simple Modern Tumbler is:

  • Environmentally Friendly: We all know that reusable water bottles are so much better for the environment than plastic ones. The Simple Modern Tumblers are also made sustainably by using recycled materials and reducing waste.
  • Helps Others: Simple Modern is committed to giving 10% of their annual profit to organizations like Restore OKC and Water4. They’ve donated over 1 million dollars’ worth of water bottles too!
  • Great for Self-Care: Drinking water is incredibly important for our health and having a great water bottle makes it so much easier!

If you want to see the Simple Modern Tumbler in action, check out my review video!

Bonus Tip: The Simple Modern Tumbler works really well for keeping iced coffee cold too! For my favorite iced coffee maker and recipes, read this post next: Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker: Make Delicious Iced Coffee in Under 5 Minutes!

Thanks for reading! Stay hydrated, friends!

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