How to do Your Makeup in 1 Minute (With Video!)

Blue background featuring the title and a photo of each item in the makeup routine: concealer, powder foundation, eyeliner, and lip balm.

This makeup routine can help you look put together in just one minute! These are all products that I use daily, and while I usually like a little more time to get ready in the morning, these essentials are the fastest way to do your makeup. This routine is perfect for days when you’re in a rush but still want to look and feel great! Read to the end for a video of me doing my makeup in one minute!

Step 1

concealer for makeup in 1 minute

Maybelline Concealer

This Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer is the only one I use! One of my friends recommended it a few years ago, and it’s been my favorite ever since! The soft sponge on top makes applying this concealer super easy, and it has great coverage that stays on all day! I love that it comes with a cap to keep it mess-free, and you can get more concealer in the sponge with a simple twist.

Watch my review video for the Maybelline Concealer HERE

Step 2

Loreal Powder Foundation

Loreal Powder Foundation is another makeup product I’ve been using for years! It provides great options for light to medium coverage, depending on how much you use. Sometimes I add a light layer over liquid foundation as a finishing powder, and sometimes (especially when I’m in a rush!) I use it as foundation. It evens out my skin and looks really natural. I love that the brush is attached to the lid, so it never gets lost or mixed up with my other brushes.

Step 3

Almay Eyeliner Pen

This Almay Eyeliner Pen is amazing! I’ve found it to be so much easier than eyeliner pencils. You never have to worry about sharpening it or poking yourself in the eye, because the tip is soft and rounded. It creates a nice smooth line of eyeliner that stays on all day!

I also have a secret to share about this eyeliner: it’s the reason I rarely wear mascara! This is way more comfortable for me, and it highlights my eyes without needing any mascara. That will save you precious seconds if you’re doing your makeup in 1 minute!

Step 4

Nivea Lip Care

The Nivea Lip Care Set is my favorite new makeup product from Amazon! It comes with four flavors: Cherry (pictured), Strawberry, Watermelon, and Blackberry. Each flavors smells amazing and has a unique tint of color, so you have options to match with different outfits. It feels SO comfortable on your lips and is the perfect finishing touch to help you feel put together in just 1 minute!

If you want my full review of Nivea Lip Care, check out this blog post: Nivea Tinted Lip Care: The Best Lip Balm Ever!

And as promised, here is the video of my doing my makeup in 1 minute: no filter, no editing, just me! :)

And here is the 4x speed!

Thank you so much for reading, watching, and supporting our blog! I hope this post helped you!

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