Morgan Harper Nichols’ Books: Inspirational, Encouraging, & Beautiful!

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Morgan Harper Nichols’ writing and art always inspire me! I’ve been following her on Instagram for several years, and her posts seem to pop up on my feed at just the right time. Now that I own some of her books, I can read her words whenever I need a little encouragement and grace. She is such a talented writer, creative, and artist, and all of Morgan Harper Nichols’ books are so authentic and beautiful!

I loved reading All Along You Were Blooming! I’m currently reading How Far You Have Come, and I can’t wait to read Storyteller and Peace is a Practice!

All Along You Were Blooming

All Along You Were Blooming is a beautiful collection of art and poetry by Morgan Harper Nichols. Each page is full of encouragement for every season and walk of life. From honest affirmations to more traditional poetry, reading this this book always inspires me. I love how the themes of light, grace, and purpose are woven throughout the pages. This is a truly beautiful and encouraging book!

How Far You Have Come

In How Far You Have Come, Morgan Harper Nichols shares a combination of her signature art style and poetry, along with stories from different parts of her life. She follows the journey from Georgia to California, capturing each state along the way with beautiful art and powerful words. I love the personal stories she includes in each chapter as well! They’re all so encouraging and relatable. This book is inspirational and full of grace!


Morgan Harper Nichols’ first book, Storyteller, is a collection of encouraging, personal poems. They were originally written as letters to people who shared their stories with Morgan. She kept the stories private and shared her responses on her Instagram page. Morgan then compiled 100 of these poems into this beautifully simple book. The letters are so powerful, and many of us can relate to them, even though our story may be vastly different from the person it was originally written for. I love how Morgan Harper Nichols invites each of us to share our story through her words in this book!

Peace is a Practice

Releasing in February 2022, Morgan Harper Nichols’ latest book, Peace is a Practice, is now available for preorder! It’s filled with artwork and poetry to inspire you to practice peace on a daily basis. Morgan Harper Nichols shares key steps towards embracing peace, such as finding beauty in the present, letting go of fear and regret, and developing meaningful and authentic rhythms. This book is: “An Invitation to Breathe Deep and Find a New Rhythm for Life” and I can’t wait to read it!

I hope this blog post helped you find a new Morgan Harper Nichols’ book to read! Comment below and let me know which one you chose. As always, thanks for reading! :)

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