The 6 Best Self Care Practices for Remote Workers

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We all know that self care is important. But as a remote worker, it can be especially complicated. How do you make time for yourself when you’re surrounded by work assignments, to do lists, family members, and endless distractions? From improving your workspace to taking care of your physical and mental health, this post will give you the best tips for self care as a remote worker!

Have an Office

Having a dedicated workspace is so important for remote workers! Even if it’s as simple as a desk in the corner of the kitchen, being able to “go to work” and “leave work” is a great way to practice self care!

The top 3 items I recommend for a remote workspace are:

  • Sit-Stand Desk: The Flexispot desk is the perfect size for remote work. It has enough space for a laptop, monitor, and notes, without taking up too much space. Having the option to sit or stand at your desk is a huge bonus too!
  • Desk Chair: Having a comfortable chair with back support makes remote work so much easier! This Gabrylly office chair is by far the best option we’ve found. It’s so comfortable and the build quality is unmatched.
  • Rocketbook: This erasable notepad allows you to handwrite your notes and transfer them directly to your phone! Check out our Review Video and Rocketbook Shoppable Photo for more details.

Leave the Office

Embrace being a remote worker: you can work from anywhere! I love taking my work to a coffeeshop or library when I need to change things up. Some cities even have co-working spaces where you can meet other people who work remotely.

Changing up where you work can help you be more productive and even come up with new ideas for the projects you’re working on. Plus, if you go to a coffeeshop, you get coffee! ;)


  • Go for a walk outside: Sunshine and fresh air are great for physical and mental health!
  • Do some simple stretches: I highly recommend Yoga With Adriene. She has tons of free videos on YouTube and all you need is a Yoga Mat!
  • Use your gym membership: Gyms have endless options for getting some movement in. Many of them offer classes too!
  • Start a fitness challenge: Try to do 100 jumping jacks, hold a plank for a full minute, learn a new dance routine, see how many pushups you can do, walk a mile every day, etc.
  • Learn something new: Join a local club or fitness group to get moving and meet some new people!

Stay Hydrated

Anyone else just forget to drink water? I know I do, so having a water bottle at my desk is super helpful for me! My Simple Modern Tumbler is almost always at my desk, and just having it there reminds me to stay hydrated.

If you’re looking to buy a new water bottle, read this blog post I wrote about 4 Reasons to Love the Simple Modern Tumbler!

Here are my top 5 tips for staying hydrated as a remote worker:

  • Keep a water bottle at your desk
  • Try adding lemon slices or other fruit
  • Track your water intake (A Habit Tracker is great for this!)
  • Drink water first thing in the morning
  • Try flavored sparkling water (Like Bubly or Waterloo)

Staying hydrated is a small way to practice self care, and it’s super easy to incorporate into your life!

Find Community

While this is easier said (or written ;)) than done, it’s so important to find a community to connect with! This might not sound like self care, but having close friendships improves your mental health and is more important to our happiness than most of us realize.

Here are a few places to start if you’re looking to make friends:

  • Local clubs: Whatever you enjoy doing, there’s probably someone else who enjoys it too! Check out local organizations or Facebook groups to make some new friends by doing something fun together.
  • Bible study or church: Getting to worship, pray, and spend time with other people who share your faith is a great way to build community and make new friends.
  • Check in with friends: Of the people you already know, think about who you would enjoy getting to know better or spend more time with. Then, send them a text! Invite them to an event, offer to buy them lunch, or just check in and ask how they’re doing! Even if you haven’t seen each other in a while, people love knowing that someone else is thinking of them, and they just might be looking for community too!
  • Ryan’s Live Morning Show: Stop by on a weekday morning to join Ryan’s Remote Work Hangout on Amazon Live! There are lots of great people who stop by and join in the comments, and Ryan loves to welcome new friends. Be sure to check it out and answer the Question of The Day!

Create Routines

Having routines throughout your day is so important! Even if you don’t like sticking to a rigid schedule, building routines can help you stay focused and be more productive, not to mention being a great way to practice self care!

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas! Feel free to adjust these lists to create the best routines for your life. A big part of sticking to routines is making sure they fit with your lifestyle, rather than being just another task on your to do list.

  • Morning Routine Ideas
    • Drink water
    • 5 minutes of stretching
    • Read or journal
  • Afternoon Routine Ideas
    • Go outside for 10 minutes
    • Listen to a podcast
    • Schedule short breaks between meetings to transition
    • Eat a healthy snack (I love Kind Bars!)
    • Respond to emails/messages
  • Evening Routine Ideas
    • Have a set time to be done with work
    • Watch an episode of your favorite TV show
    • Cook dinner and/or meal prep
    • Listen to music
    • Spend time with family/friends
    • 30 minutes of chores

Thanks for reading! I hope this post inspired you to start practicing self care as a remote worker!

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