Printer Buyers Guide: 6 Expert Recommended Features to Consider

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I’ve used and tested some of the best printers on Amazon, so in this post I’m sharing the top six things you need to consider before buying one for your remote work office!

As a remote worker, I use a printer for text documents, photos, presentations, HR reports, calendars, and more!

1. Laser Print vs Inkjet

Laser printers, like the HP M110we, are a larger investment in the beginning because the printer itself typically costs more. However, you can save quite a bit of money over time because the ink cartridges last longer.

Inkjet printers, like the HP 4155e, use ink that needs to be replaced more often, but the printer itself is usually within a lower price range. This means that your lifetime cost might end up being higher with inkjet, even if laser is more expensive at first.

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2. Color or Black & White

This is an important feature to consider because some people don’t need to print anything with colored ink, while color printing is an essential for others. Many remote workers find themselves just printing text documents and never anything in color, so if that’s you, choose one like the HP M110we that prints in grayscale.

One thing to note is that inkjet printers almost always print in both color and black and white, while some laser printers may only print in black and white.

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3. Size

Before you make a purchase, look at the dimensions and consider the physical size of the printer and where you want to put it.

  • If your remote workspace doesn’t have a lot of extra room, the HP DeskJet 3755 is a nice smaller size to save space on your desk or shelf.
  • The HPRT Portable Printer is a great option too, especially for travel or working from coffeeshops or coworking spaces. It even comes with a protective case!
  • If you have more room in your office, I recommend the HP Envy 7255e for an all-around great home printer.
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4. Wires vs Wireless

Most printers are now wireless, which is really convenient! However, some do still use cables, so make sure you look at the details before buying one if you have a preference about wires or wireless.

The biggest thing to think about in this category is whether the printer has a USB port to connect to another device via a cord. Some people find that they need or want one with a cable that connects directly to a computer, while it doesn’t matter to others. If that’s important to you, make sure you choose a printer that has the ability to connect to another device through a USB cable, like the HP 4155e.

5. Scan & Copy

This isn’t an essential feature for everyone, but it can definitely be nice to have. Think about how often, if ever, you scan and copy things. If you can’t remember the last time you scanned or copied something, you can save both money and space by choosing a smaller printer that doesn’t have those features. If you do need to scan and copy, the HP 4155e is great for both of those.

  • If you do plan to use your printer to scan things frequently, an important detail to look into is whether it has a flatbed or feed.
    • With a flatbed, you can lay a sheet of paper or several photos down to scan and copy. I recommend the HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e for a great flatbed printer.
    • With a feed, you insert a piece of paper, and the printer pulls the paper through to scan and copy it. The HP DeskJet 3755 is a good option for this. The only downside to a feed is that you can only scan single sheets of paper, not groups of photos or cardstock/craft paper.

Another thing to note about scanning and copying is whether or not the printer saves the scanned documents to your computer. That’s usually not a dealbreaker, but it can be nice to save your printed documents digitally.

6. Fax

This is another feature that’s essential for some people and optional for others. If you need to be able to accept and send faxes from your printer, choose one such as the Epson WF-2760 or Brother Wireless that has faxing capabilities. If you don’t need to fax anything, choose a simpler printer that only does the things you need.

There you have it! Six features to consider when buying a printer for your remote work office!

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