Buying a Remote Work Monitor: 5 Important Things to Know

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Buying a monitor for your home office is one of the most important purchases you can make as a remote worker! While laptops are amazing for mobility, having more than one screen available to sit down and do some focused work is always a good idea.

A study from Jon Peddie Research shows that having multiple displays actually increases productivity. This is because having a monitor (or several) allows you to keep your work on one screen and have an email or chat open on the other. Others, like Don Reisinger, suggest that having three monitors is the best setup to boost productivity. I’ve found that it’s super helpful to be able to switch focus quickly between screens instead of having to minimize all your tabs just to check a message.

But where do you start? What features should you look for? Here are the top five things to consider when you’re buying a monitor for remote work:

#1 Size

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to getting a monitor. I recommend getting one that is 24 inches across diagonally, like the LG 24-inch. This is the most common size, and it works well for most remote work office spaces. They’re usually within a good price range as well.

If you want something a little smaller in size and price, 22-inch monitors, like the ViewSonic are a good option. If you’re looking for a larger screen, 27-inch is a popular size as well. I use the Sceptre, and it works great!

Instead of getting a monitor that’s bigger than 27 inches, I suggest getting multiple 24- or 27-inch ones. The exception to this would be if you want an ultrawide size like the Philips UltraWide Monitor. Bigger monitors take up more space without giving you more places to have tasks open, but with several smaller screens, you can have three or more tasks visible at your desk.

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#2 Resolution

I recommend choosing a monitor that has 1080p resolution. It’s the standard for business use and just right for most remote workers. There are options to go up to 1440p (also called QHD) or even 4k, but those are usually for gaming. Most people find that 1080p resolution is the best fit for remote work or business.

#3 Refresh Rate

The Hz number determines how fast your screen will refresh. I’ve tried several different monitors and discovered that 60Hz is just enough for most remote workers. However, if it’s within your budget, I highly recommend going up to 75Hz for a faster refresh rate.

A higher Hz reduces the strain on your eyes if you’re spending hours looking at the screen. Some gaming monitors have 144 or 165Hz, but that’s not necessary for business users. For remote work, I suggest one like the Sceptre or LG, which both have 75Hz.

#4 VESA Mounts

VESA Mounts allow you to take the monitor off the stand and attach it to the wall or the back of your desk. This saves desk space and gives you more flexibility in your remote work setup. I always recommend buying one with VESA Mounts, like the Sceptre that I use, simply because it gives you more options.

#5 Speakers

Although the speakers that come with most monitors aren’t super high quality, it can still be nice to have them. That way, you don’t need to pull in an extra set of USB speakers or attach another sound system to have audio coming from the monitor.

The speakers are usually good enough for Zoom calls or listening to background music while you’re working, and you can always add an external speaker or microphone with your computer if you want better audio quality on one of your devices. I recommend choosing a monitor with speakers to boost productivity and simplify your workspace.

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