The Top 3 Reasons a Desk Should be Your First Remote Work Purchase

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Congratulations on getting a remote work job! It’s exciting, fun, and flexible.

Now, you need to create a work environment that fits your job and your life. The first thing you need to buy for your remote workspace is a desk. Here are three reasons why!

#1 – A Desk Makes You Choose a Location

Having a desk makes you to choose a location, usually somewhere in your house, or wherever you plan to do most of your remote work.

I would strongly suggest not choosing your bedroom. Having your workspace in your bedroom makes it really hard to separate “work time” from “home time” which is already one of the biggest challenges remote workers deal with. If it’s possible to work anywhere else in your house, choose that instead of your bedroom.

A huge benefit of choosing a location is that your brain knows that when you’re at your desk, it’s time to work. This also helps other people who live with you to know that when you’re at your workspace, you need to focus and not be interrupted.

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#2 – A Desk Allows Options for Your Remote Work Environment

This directly follows location. Once you’ve picked a place for your desk, you know how much space you have to work with.

For example, if you’re in the corner of a room, you could get a corner desk. If you’re limited to a smaller space, like the back of a living room or kitchen, you might want to choose a compact desk or folding desk. Maybe you’re even working from a closet or storage space, and you’ll want a desk on wheels so you can pull it out when it’s time to work.

My favorite remote work desk is the FLEXISPOT Sit Stand Desk. I love that it can adjust to any height, and I’ve found that 48 x 30 inches is a great size for my office. Knowing your location will help you decide on the right size desk for you!

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#3 A Desk Determines the Rest of Your Remote Work Setup

If you have a smaller desk, you’ll want to choose a more compact keyboard and monitor, like the Logitech Mini Wireless Keyboard and the KYY 15.6″ Portable Monitor.

If you have a large desk, it opens your options to include multiple monitors or a large monitor like the Sceptre 27″ LED Monitor. You can even add extras like a microphone and printer.

The location and size of your desk can help determine the other devices you can include in your remote work environment.

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A desk should be your first remote work purchase because it helps you determine the location, size, and setup of your remote workspace!

After you’ve chosen a desk, check out The 6 Best Self Care Practices for Remote Workers for some great tips on how to care for yourself while working remotely!

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