Simple Desk Setup for Livestreaming

livestream desk setup

Ever wondered what a desk setup for livestreaming looked like? I have done over 300 shows on Amazon Live, and this setup (or a very similar variation) has been used.

My approach has been to keep things simple.

Products in the Desk Setup for Livestreaming

  • Blue Yeti Microphone – A great microphone which is popular with many podcasters and live streamers. It is USB, so it can easily connect to any computer or laptop and it just works. Also, the Blue Yeti has 4 audio patterns and gain control, so you can adjust the sound as well.
  • Logitech C920 Camera – I can stream at 720p with 30 fps. For videos of a person talking, that is good enough. The price is great and almost every video creator I know has this camera in her/his collection. It connects via USB.
  • Neewer Ring Light – It includes the ring light, a tripod stand, a remote, white & orange color filters and a bag. It can be a bit tricky if you have glasses, so try different angles and heights.
  • Rocketbook Orbit Notepad – I love Rocketbooks. This one is a legal pad which makes it quick and easy for jotting down notes while I am live. For more, see the post Rocketbooks are Awesome.
  • Fezibo Sit/Stand Desk – This is a budget friendly electric sit/stand desk. If I could do it over, I would go with the 48 inch wide version instead of the 40 inch.
  • FelixKing Ergonomic Chair – A comfortable chair in the sub-$150 category. I chose white, but it comes in black or blue.
  • Iron Flask Insulated 18oz Water Bottle – When you talk a lot, you will need something to drink. This is a great mid-priced water bottle and it includes 3 different lids.
  • Viozon Monitor and Laptop Stand – This is essential to help you get more space on a small desk. It easily lifts the monitor and laptop off the desktop. Once you set the height of the laptop and monitor, you can then rotate the monitors and adjust them left or right. Plus, the cable management is excellent.
  • Sceptre 27 inch Monitor – It is 1080p with 75Hz refresh rate and included speakers.
  • Amazon Basics HDMI Cable – A 6 foot cable which supports 4k.
  • Streamyard on the Monitor – Streamyard is a wonderful tool to help with live streams.
  • Apple iPod Touch 32GB – An Apple device is required for streaming to Amazon Live. That is its only purpose for me.
  • iPod Touch Case with Kickstand (in Red) – The case is protective against drops, and the kickstand is nice for viewing the screen while live.
  • Anker Dual Display Docking Station – A bit older and no longer sold, but it still works.
  • Logitech K360 Keyboard/Mouse Combo – A nice compact wireless keyboard/mouse combo but, unfortunately, it is no longer sold.
  • Asus Q547 Laptop – This is a former developer machine which has transitioned to a livestreaming machine. It has the horsepower to make things work.

Those are the products I have used. What do you think I am missing? Let me know in the comments.

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