The Legendary Pancake Livestream

Pancake Livestream

This was a great Live Stream where I made pancakes. I am naming this livestream as The Legendary Pancake Livestream. It was highly entertaining, but it did not result in very many good pancakes. Here are a few highlights of the show.

  • Failed to correctly flip a pancake (See video at about 1:13:20)
  • Failed to cook both sides of the pancakes and ruined the remaining 8 cakes (See video at about 1:19:40)
  • Blew a circuit by trying to plug in too many things
  • Went to get a Fire Extinguisher for obvious Safety reasons (See video at about 1:23:50)
  • See the first 9 pancakes that did not turn out (See Video at about 1:24:50)
  • Another Failed pancake flip, followed by the Spatula falling in the garbage (See Video at about 1:35:10)
  • First Occurrence of the word “Taco Pancake” (See video at about 1:36:25)
  • Finally Eating the only 6 edible Pancakes (See video at 1:41:50)
  • My Plea to Get a Show on Food Network. Hey Food Network, send me a message via the contact page. (1:47:25)

It was a fun and memorable stream, see the full video on Amazon Live – Special Edition, Making Pancakes with Ryan.

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