Easily Turning Podcasts into Livestreams

christoph trappe podcasting livestream

Podcasts with interviews are very popular, but the technique of turning podcasts into livestreams is only starting to gain traction. This conversation dives into the topic with podcasting and livestreaming expert Christoph Trappe.

I got the opportunity to visit with Christoph Trappe, a long-time podcaster and livestreamer, about his book Going Live: Livestream Your Podcast to Reach More People (affiliate link).

A few of the Topics Discussed:

  • What type of content does not perform well
  • Why livestreams and podcasts go well together
  • Tips for going from a livestream to a podcast
  • How to distribute a podcast

The interview occurred about 5 minutes into this live show. Special Guest Christoph Trappe on Amazon Live with Ryan Swanstrom

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